Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Aerial Arts and Aerial Yoga?

Aerial Arts comprises of aerial apparatus such as static trapeze, silks and lyra (which are commonly seen in Cirque-du-Soilei acts). Aerial Fitness Studio makes it possible for anyone to be able to feel like an aerial acrobat through our beginner courses onwards. Aerial Yoga uses a hammock to strengthen and stretch the body through a flow of yoga poses.

What is the difference between an Open Class and the Aerial Arts 8-week course?

Open Classes are drop-in classes open and suitable to all levels from beginner to advance. The instructors in Open Classes make modifications according to your level of expertise and mobility limitations. Students in an Aerial Arts 8-week course must allow 8 weeks of commitment to master a set of tricks and transitions. The 8-week courses requires discipline and practice for students to pass the assessment during the final week.

What is the difference between Aerial Yoga Basics and Aerial Yoga?

Aerial Yoga Basics are for absolute beginners who are new to aerial fitness or aerial yoga. The class will be taught the same set of sequence for one term (8 weeks). There will be a new beginner sequence every term so beginners are welcome to join for as long as they are comfortable. Through repetitive practice in Aerial Yoga Basics, beginners will be able to master the fundamental poses which will get them ready to join Aerial Yoga. In Aerial Yoga, the sequence is more challenging and more strength is required to be able to follow through the sequence and flow. Aerial Yoga is suitable for anyone who is confident of inverting and can hold poses for a longer period of time.
We recommend students to join a few months of Aerial Yoga Basics regularly to enjoy Aerial Yoga to its full potential.

If I have prior aerial experience, how do I get assessed to join Aerial Arts courses at AFS?

Students from other aerial studios or have the prior aerial background are to arrange for a private aerial lesson to be assessed. It is $150 for the 60-minute session, arranged on weekdays between 2 pm to 5 pm. The lesson will also get students to learn pre-requisite tricks that he/she does not have in order to join the appropriate level at AFS.

Is there any weight restriction or age limit?

Our rigging system and aerial apparatus are regularly checked and can take up to one tonne (which means anyone can give it a try).
Our classes are conducted for adults from 20 years old onwards. Teenagers from 13 to 19 years of age are allowed to join as long as they are comfortable in an adult environment. Teenagers have to email or Facebook message us to check for availability of slot for the class of interest. Teenagers must bring a parent to the studio to sign the indemnity form on their behalf, present their Identification Card and make payment.
There is no maximum age but we do recommend older students to consider the Open Classes where the apparatus are lower to the ground and the pace is manageable.

Do I have to be strong or flexible to join a class?

No, our classes are structured to help you take the first step. We see progressions in those who attend classes regularly. For those who are active or already flexible, our instructors are more than happy to challenge you to advance to the next level. Our open level classes are mutli-level, there is something for everyone to work on!

How do I start booking for my first class?

Please download Glofox app on your mobile, register and browse for any Open Classes you are interested in.

What is the attire?

Knee-length or long leggings and a comfortable top. No footwear is required for any of our classes. Please remove any jewelry before starting class. Please bring along a towel for hygiene purposes.

What facilities do you have in the studio?

We have shelves for your belongings and footwear, two changing rooms. The washrooms are right outside the studio. We also have room-temperature bottled water for sale at $1 over the counter.

Yoga mats are available. You are welcome to bring your own mats if you are prefer. Please bring a towel as well to class.

Can my kids/family members/friends accompany me to the studio and wait for me?

No. The studio is an open concept space with no waiting area. There are usually more than one class occurring at the same time and the studio space is fully utilized. Also for your own safety, we want you to have 100% focus in your class.