Meet our Coaches


Hazel is the owner and principal coach at Aerial Fitness Studio. She has been an aerial arts instructor for adults and children since 2010 and have since found her calling in creating a sanctuary where her students feel encouraged and stay uplifted at the same time. She has been for overseas circus training in Sydney, Melbourne and New York. Given her nurturing personality, she makes sure each student is attended to and believes in quality coaching. Her dream is to widen the aerial arts community and build our own happy home.


Ringo is an on-going yoga and handstand practitioner as well as a Pilates-certified coach. He has been dabbling with Aerial Yoga and Aerial Straps for many years, and is now focusing on teaching Floor Inversions and Pilates.


Jessica first discovered aerial arts in 2012, and specialises in aerial hoop and static trapeze. A creature of habit, the aerial discipline further affirms her belief that "We are what we always do". Jessica is delighted to share her love for aerial arts with her students, and she is inspired to help them achieve their aerial dreams through patience and perseverance. On days when she's not "flying", she relishes the silence found from yoga practice, crafting, and watercolour painting.


Alexandra has dabbled in exotic dance, bellydance and salsa before finding her passion in pole dancing in 2010 and has performed in several events. Aerial arts was a natural progression in Alex's artistic journey in 2011. Skilled in both Hoop and Silks, and having performed the latter in high profile events like Zoukout 2013 and 2014, she finds a deeper connection with Hoop. Alex has been an aerial and pole instructor since 2012 and loves being able to share her enthusiasm for antigravity arts with her students. Safety ensured with apparatus but can't guarantee from her vivacious personality.


Ses loves to fly and is happy to hang off any apparatus as long as her feet are off the ground. Silks and static trapeze are her poisons of choice though. Ses has been performing on the silks for almost six years and has occasionally trotted out acts on lyra, cube (solo and triple) and double trapeze in that time. Ses believes that there is something in circus for everyone, and is happy to help her students take flight.


Randall has been doing aerial arts since 2012. He dabbles a little in the different apparatuses but loves the thrill and adrenaline of the different drops on the silks and the flying trapeze. He has worked at the Club Meds in Bintan and Cancun in 2015 and 2016, giving lessons and performing on the silks and flying trapeze. He is now back in Singapore teaching silks, so if you enjoy tumbling down the silks (in a safe way), come DROP in for a class with him.


Since developing an interest in Aerial Arts in the year 2011, Cheryl has been constantly looking for opportunities to grow and advance in the field. She returned from Club Med Bali where she was a part of the Circus team which involved providing instruction to guests on the flying trapeze and performing in aerial acts including Silks (solo and doubles), lyra (solo and doubles), Trapeze Doubles and acrobalancing. Prior to that, Cheryl enrolled in an Intensive Professional Program in New York City. She enjoys sharing her love for Aerial Arts and hopes to continue pursuing local and international experiences to develop professionally.


CS was introduced to Aerial Arts in 2012 and found his love for Trapeze, Straps and Double Trapeze ever since. He enjoys keeping fit through circus conditioning and training. Besides Aerial Arts, he practices hand balancing art and enjoys balancing his hands on the floor, on chairs, and on every surface imaginable. CS is inspired to introduce aerial arts to anyone who is looking for alternate ways to keep fit!

Derrick Ee

Derrick Ee is a professional dancer since in the 80s, performing for companies such as People’s Association Dance Company and Singapore Broadcasting Corporations Dance Company. He started teaching Jazz dance techniques and Fitness program in the 90s. He has taught the Australia Teaching of Dancing Syllabus. He also taught Jazz techniques in La Salle to the dance faculty and drama in NAFA to the acting faculty. Derrick is currently a Chief Instructor in Serangoon Gardens Country Club who understands that a dancer must always look healthy, lean and toned on stage.